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Obituaries from the Canora Courier, Saskatchewan


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Note: 2013 is the last year for transcriptions of obituaries from the Canora Courier.


For those wishing to subscribe to the Canora Courier, the subscription desk for the Canora Courier can be reached at:

The Canora Courier,  123 First Avenue E.,  Canora, SK
Phone: 1-306-563-5131


Note: The webmaster has no affiliation with the Canora Courier.



Winnipeg Free Press


1935 - 1936


Death Notices, Funeral Announcements, In Memoriam and Obituaries



Doug Sinnis' Obituary Index


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The majority of the obituaries in this index are from Pictou County covering the years approximately 1930 to the present.  There are however, earlier years and also obituaries from other parts of Nova Scotia & Canada.


You can view/download the complete transcriptions at the links below. They are available in Adobe PDF format.  Due to the large size of the file, they have been broken down into 8 sections.  The webmaster takes no credit for the creation of this index nor responsibility for errors or omissions in the transcription of the obituaries.


My thanks goes to Doug for his permission to post this collection here on For Posterity's Sake Genealogy.

 The Gym Bag Collection - Volume 1

The Gym Bag Collection, Volume 1, is a collection of Obituaries, Memoriams and Cards of Thanks from Colchester County, Nova Scotia.  I like to call this the Gym Bag Collection as they were all stored haphazardly in a gym bag.  Some of the articles were originals, but the majority were photocopies in various states of readability.  Many articles were torn, folded, water-stained and photocopied overlapping each other.  Every effort was made to transcribe them here with as much accuracy possible.  Where an article was unreadable, or text was missing due to the article being torn, "(...)" was entered where the text was missing.  Where possible, some articles were repaired by comparing and merging duplicates.  Also included are approximately 150 hand written transcriptions by Mr. S. Hutchinson of Tatamagouche, NS.



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