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The bell of HMCS BURLINGTON J250 is part of the Royal Canadian Naval Ships Memorial Monument, Burlington, ON.

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The Royal Canadian Naval Ships Memorial Monument built by public subscription, on land provided by the City of Burlington was unveiled on the 50th Anniversary of VE Day. The Royal Canadian Naval Association Burlington Branch, unveiled the Monument, May 14, 1995, with approximately 5,000 spectators, including over 1,000 veterans in attendance. The memorial is dedicated to the memory of the 31 warships and the 2024 Naval Personnel of the Royal Canadian Navy and the 75 ships and 1466 merchant seamen of the Canadian Merchant Navy who were lost during the Second World War.


The monument has three components. The main component is the memorial cairn listing on the front face the names of 31 war ships of the Royal Canadian Navy and the date they were lost. Also, shown is the lost 2024 Naval Personnel and 1466 Merchant Seamen.


The second component, topping the cairn, is a six foot bronze statue of a Canadian Seaman in the rig of the day saluting his lost shipmates (titled "The Salute").


The main remembrance wall along the rear of the monument lists all the warships that served in the Royal Canadian Navy. On the rear of the remembrance wall are listed the names of the 370 ships that served in the Canadian Merchant Army. The bell of HMCS Burlington is mounted atop the centre column of the ships remembrance wall. (Excerpt from:  RCN Ships Memorial Monument (VAC website)



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