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The bell for HMCS QUEBEC on loan to CFFS Quebec, Pointe--Carcey, Quebec City, QC from the Naval Museum of Quebec and is located in the seaman's mess at Pointe--Carcey


Photo courtesy of the Naval Museum of Quebec



The 2nd HMCS QUEBEC bell at the Naval Museum of Manitoba


Mike Shortridge, CPO1, ret'd (left), board member of the Naval Museum of Manitoba at HMCS CHIPPAWA, Winnipeg, MB accepting the donation of the bell of HMCS QUEBEC from Garry Weir, P1RM, ret'd - 31 Aug 2022


The following sailors have contributed to the recovery of the bell:

Garry Weir, PO1 RM

Nigel Whitely, LCdr

 Kevin Greenwood, Capt (N) (MARS)

Alex Robichaud, CPO2 ET

Mike O'Keefe, PO2 NESOP

 Al MacLellan, LSEM2

Phil Beausoleil, ABST3

Fenton Bates, AB NESOP




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