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This photograph shows much of the crew of the torpedo boat HMCS Grilse posing around the ship's aft 12-pounder gun. Although a very fast ship, capable of over 30 knots (55 km/h), Grilse was relatively small at about 60 metres in length, and crew members often suffered as the ship rolled and pitched in heavy seas. In December 1916, Grilse was caught in a storm and nearly lost while on a voyage to join British forces in the Caribbean. The crew successfully fought the storm, but six were swept overboard to their deaths.


Source: George Metcalf Archival Collection

CWM 19790653-007

Courtesy of the Canadian War Museum


Identified sailor: Richard Pearson, standing, 1st on left against the guard rail




From the collection of Richard (Dick) Pearson, Ottawa, Ont.

Courtesy of Jeffrey Read


Identified sailor: Richard Pearson, 2nd row seated in chair, 2nd from left


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The Toronto Telegram Dec 1916


Names listed in the article:  Wingate, Walter, Lt, RNCVR of British Columbia;  Fry, Cyril McLean, Sub-Lieut., RNCVR of Toronto;  Winsloe, H.E., Sub-Lieut., RNCVR of Vancouver;  Wilkinson, Robert, Artificer Engineer, RCN; McLean, S.A., Wireless Operator of Newfoundland;  Clement, F., Wireless Operator of Hamilton, Ont.;  Trembee, W.J., Chief Petty Officer, of Portugal Cove, Nfld


Chandler, F., Leading Seaman, of West Northing, England;  Ashburn, G., Leading Seaman, of London;  Parker, W., Leading Seaman, of Exxex, England;  Tucker, J., Leading Seaman, of Lancaster, Ont.


Harris, A.J., Able Seaman, of Mayo, Ireland;  Brazer, A., Able Seaman, of Montreal;  Colquhoun, J., Able Seaman;  McAuley, M., Able Seaman;  Larsen, F., Able Seaman;  Ford, A.B., Able Seaman; Collins, F.C., Able Seaman of Saskatoon;  Anderson, A., Able Seaman of Victoria, BC;  Churchill, F., Able Seaman;  German, F.A., Able Seaman of Winnpeg;  Annette, J., Able Seaman;  Donnelly, A., Able Seaman, of Vancouver;  Robinson, R.F., Able Seaman of Dartmouth, NS;  Lucas, F., Able Seaman


Brown, I.E., Yeoman of Signals of Severn Bridge, Ontario;  McAuliffe, H.W., Signalman of Halifax


Ross, G.G., Enginer Room Artificer;  Swarbrick, F., Engine Room Artificer of Toronto;  Taylor, H., Engine Room Artificer;  Newland, A., Stoker;  French, A., Stoker of Boston;  Johannes, P., Stoker of Montreal;  Rilt, W.H., Stoker of Copplestone, England;  Malone, J.D., Stoker of Leeds, England; Harris, H., Stoker of Queenstown, Ireland;  Downy, F., Stoker of Liverpool;  Jennings, P., Stoker of Cockermouth, England;  McLuskey, J., Stoker of North Hamilton, Ont.;  Penny, J., of Warminster, England


Buckingham, G., Commander's Steward of Avonmouth, England;  Dickson, D.J. Chief Cook of Halifax;  Elder, M.A., Second Cook 3rd Class;  Cote, J., First Officers' Steward of Quebec; Hooper, Edward, Steward



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