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HMCS LANARK K669 / 321

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HMCS Lanark K669 - Newfoundland, Spring 1945


(10) Sigut, Charles R.  (13) Vukson, Nicholas, Tel (SO)  (29) Williamson, Charles Francis  (71) Dubois, Thomas Earl, CPO


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Note: Due to the lack of space between crew members - in the rear two rows after 100 you will see the numbering 01, 02, 03, etc ... these are actually 101, 102, 103 and 113, 114, 15, 16, 15; 120, 21, 22, 23, etc these are actually 115, 116, 117; 121, 122, 123, etc. They were numbered this way to keep the numbering legible.




HMCS Lanark 321 circa 1957

From the collection of Ken Watson, RCN and Laurent Thibault, RCN

Courtesy of Ken Watson and Lewis Thibault

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(4) Thibault, Laurent (Larry), Lt  (21) Giles, Douglas H.  (45) Rhymes, Reginald H., PO2




HMCS Lanark, Quarterdeck, circa 1957


(2) Rhymes, Reginald H., PO2


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Source: Royal Canadian Navy photos by men who were there



HMCS Lanark 321, 7th Squadron, San Juan, PR, 1962

RCN photo - BN-4585

Source: Crowsnest Magazine June 1962



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