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HMCS NORANDA J265 - 1943

From the collection Francis Patrick Languay

Courtesy of Michael Languay & Jennifer Languay


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(1) Coyle, J., Cook  (2) Codden, R.B., AB  (3) Coulsey, D.F., OS  (4) Clarke, B.A., Tel  (5) Long, S.N., MM  (6) Rolfe, E.J., MM  (7) Renshaw, N.W., MM  (8) MacDonald, J.A., CMM  (9) Nickerson, M., Cd (E)  (10) Clattenburg, C.C., Ch Skpr  (11) Rankin, J.A., Lt  (12) Francois, J.E., Lt, C.O.  (13) Finlay, P.W., Slt  (14) Abbott, R.P., Slt  (15) Sweatman, A., Slt  (16) Rees, W.R., CMM  (17) Swift, W., CMM  (18) Wilkens, N.M., CPO  (19) Freestone, V.L., PO  (20) Norman, J.G., OS  (21) Allen, M.J., OS  (22) Bernard, F.J., AB  (23) Durance, A.B., LS  (24) Dufresne, W.C., OS  (25) Burke, T.R., Sto


(26) Moore, J.F., AB  (27) Cosman, E.J., AB  (28) Goodman, L.F., L/Sig  (29) Willerton, E.E., Sto  (30) Blacklock, A.R., AB  (31) Scott, C.J., L/Tel  (32) Beswick, L.G., AB  (33) Murray, H.W., OS  (34) Jackson, K.A., OS  (35) Savas, J., Sto  (36) MacDonald, S.A., AB  (37) Hagen, N.A., Coder  (38) Scott, I.M., Coder  (39) Lummiss, F., Elect  (40) Winkworth, H., OS  (41) Smith, W.H., Sto  (42) Johnson, J.A., Tel  (43) Blaxall, K.A., Sto  (44) Kirk, E., L/Stwd  (45) McCarthy, E.L., Cook   (46) Bull, S.G., Sto  (47) McCormick, J.T.R., LS


(48) Harris, L.D., Sto  (49) Houlihan, A.B., AB  (50) Fraser, C.D., AB  (51) Conroy, M.P., OS  (52) Sinnock, G.W., AB  (53) Chamberlain, H.P., AB  (54) Denny, S.E., AB  (55) Hopper, J.S., Sig  (56) Pelehos, J.J., Cook  (57) Ablitt, G.A., AB  (58) Reddin, M.D., Sig  (59) Keough, C.H., Coder  (60) Cooper, J.F., Tel  (61) Languay, F.P., Sig  (62) Youde, R., AB  (63) Urwin, J.H., AB  (64) English, R., OS  (65) Doerksen, B., Sto  (66) Dowse, N.C., Sto  (67) McCallum, W.R., Sto  (68) Frost, D.E., SA  (69) Murray, J.P., L/Sto





From the collection of John & Martin Nickels

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

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Two names on the back of the photo:  Len Riley, AB (RDF3), Calgary;  and, Rusty Adams, AB (SD), Port Colborne, Ont.


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