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Ian William Hunter


Motor Mechanic, V12919, RCNVR


Born:  24 Jan 1915, Miniota, Manitoba


Died: 14 Feb 1945, Ostend, Belgium


Book of Remembrance


HUNTER, Ian William, M.M., V12919, RCNVR, MPK - 14 Feb 1945, 29th MTB Flotilla - son of William and Sarah S. Hunter; husband of Verdun E. Hunter, all of Calgary, AB.


Motor Mechanic I. W. Hunter was killed in an accidental explosion on a motor torpedo boat in Belgium, his body was not recovered. He joined the R.C.N.V.R. on January 10, 1942 and was a partner in a general tractor supplier in civilian life. 


Ships served in:


HMCS FRENCH - Served in French 11 Apr 1942 - 22 May 1942 as a Sto 1c, RCNVR

ML Q090 - Served in French 11 Apr 1942 - 22 May 1942 as a Sto 1c, RCNVR



29TH MTB FLOTILLA - Drafted to the 29TH MTB FLOTILLA 08 Dec 1943


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(1) Newspaper article on the death of MM Ian Hunter (2) Certificate of Service (30 Naval Training and Active Service record (4) Report of Death (5) Service Summary (6) Letter to Ian's mother giving details of the explosion at Ostend.


Press release on the destruction of 5 MTBs of the 29th MTB Flotilla and Casualty List



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