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Paul Henri Aloys Chamberland


Able Seaman, V3677, RCNVR


Born:  26 Apr 1922, Thetford-Mines, Quebec


Died: 29 Apr 1944 at sea


Book of Remembrance


CHAMBERLAND, Paul Henri Aloys, AB, V3677, RCNVR, killed - 29 Apr 1944, HMCS ATHABASKAN - son of Fortunat and Emma Chamberland.


AB Chamberland is buried in the Plougasnou Communal Cemetery, Finistere, France.


Ships served in:


HMCS NAPANEE - Served in Napanee 19 Sep 1941 - 15 Dec 1942 as an OS / AB, RCNVR

HMS EAGLE - Served in Eagle 22 Feb 1943 - 17 Mar 1943

HMCS ATHABASKAN - Drafted to Athabaskan 28 May 1943 as an AB, RCNVR


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(1) Photo of AB Chamberland  (2) Newspaper article on Paul Henri Chamberland - from a Quebec newspaper  (3) Certificate of Service  (4) Naval Training and Active Service records  (5-6) Summary of Service  (7) Report of Death  (8) Letter to AB Chamberland's sister advising her that he is missing following the sinking of HMCS Athabaskan  (9) Letter from Mr. J.H. Oliver and England to Canadian authorities with a photo of the grave of AB Chamberland for forwarding to his family.


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