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Harry Swanson


Leading Stoker, RCNVR


Died: 1974


Ships served in:


HMCS SWANSEA - Served in Swansea in 1944


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

(1) Seaman Swanson  (2) L/Sto Swanson  (3) Newspaper article on RCNVR ratings at train station in Ottawa preparing to depart to the east coast for training. Harry Swanson holding the mascot (dog).  (4-5) Harry and Rhea Swanson.  Harry's cap tally in photo 4 reads HMS Royal Arthur (6) Harry and Rhea Swanson on their wedding day


Note:  HMS Royal Arthur was a shore base in the UK


photo 7

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photo 10

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photo 13

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photo 15

photo 16

photo 17

photo 18

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photo 20

photo 21

photo 22

(7-22) Harry Swanson and friends on leave


photo 23

photo 24

photo 25

photo 26

photo 27

photo 28

Harry Swanson in various places.  Note in photos 25 and 26 his cap tally reads HMS Royal Arthur.  In photo 27 his cap tally reads RCNVR (possibly Ottawa)


photo 29

photo 30

photo 31

photo 32

photo 33

photo 34

photo 35

photo 36

(29 & 30) Harry on unknown ship.  (31) unknown sailor  (32) Harry (left) and unknown sailor  (33) Unknown sailor - trade badge is for an AA Gunner 3rd class  (34-36) Unknown group of sailors with various cap tallies.  Harry 2nd from left in photos 335 and 36. In photo 34 Harry is 3rd from left.  You can see Harry's HMS Royal Arthur cap tally.


Webmaster's note:  The railings on the ship in photos 29-32 do not look like that of a warship - they look to be the railings on a cruise ship such as RMS Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, etc, that were used a troop ships.


photo 37

photo 38

photo 39

photo 40

photo 41

photo 42

photo 43

photo 44

(37) Unknown group photo - Harry back row 2nd from left.  Could possible be in a hospital as there is a nurse in the photo  (38) HMS Repulse circa 1936


(39-44) Sailors by gun turret on unknown warship. This is a secondary turret on a larger warship such as a battle cruiser or battleship.  (41) Harry Swanson on left  (42) Harry Swanson  (43) Harry Swanson on left


photo 45

photo 46

photo 47

photo 48

photo 49

photo 50

photo 51

(45) Harry (centre) and friends ashore getting a meal  (46) Sailors playing tourist - posing with the pigeons.  Location unknown  (47) It is not known if this is a parade or a naval band practicing  (48) unknown sailor/unknown ship with Petty Office rating & Chief Stoker trade badge  (49) Surrendered U-boat  (50) Unknown sailor sitting on the gun barrel of an unknown ship  (51) Harry Swanson (left) with shipmate on unknown ship



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