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Michael John Neary


Wireless Telegraph Operator 4th Class, 195, RNCVR


Died: 30 Oct 1918 at sea


Book of Remembrance


NEARY, Michael John W/T O. 4c, 195, RNCVR MPK - 30 Oct 1918, HMCS GALIANO


The Navy List of Sep 1916 lists Michael Neary as a Wireless Operator with a seniority of 01 Mar 1916.


On 29 Oct 1918 the GALIANO was sent with supplies to the light house at Triangle Island off Cape Scott at the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island. A number of her regular crew were unable to make the trip due to illness as the 1918 flu pandemic had reached her base at Esquimalt. She set out towards the Queen Charlotte Islands from Triangle Island at 5 pm on Oct 29th. When she made her only distress call at 3 am the next morning, she was estimated to be within visual range of the light at Cape St. James 95 miles from Triangle Island. She was never heard from again and went down with the loss of all hands.


Ships served in:

HMCS GALIANO - Appointed to Galiano 15 Dec 1917 as a W/T O. 4c, RNCVR (seniority 01 Mar 1916) (Navy List Aug 1918)


The British Colonist

14 Nov 1918



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