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Robert Strang Neilson


Lieutenant-Commander, O-54940, RCN(R)


Born: 1918, Stratford, Perth Co., Ontario


Died: 1987


Robert served in the RCNVR during WW2 attaining the rank of Lt and served in HMCS Hespeler as the Navigating Officer.  After the war he was transferred to the RCN(R).  He is buried in the Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, ON.


Ships served in:

HMCS CATARAQUI (KINGSTON DIVISION, RCNVR) - Attached to Cataraqui as a Prob, SLt, RCNVR (Navy List Apr 1942)

HMCS AGASSIZ - Appointed to Agassiz 16 Aug 1942 as a SLt, RCNVR (Navy List Sep 1942)

HMCS KINGS - Appointed to Kings 13 Aug 1943 as a SLt, RCNVR, for Long "N" Course (Navy List Aug 1943).  Appointed to Kings as a SLt, RCNVR, for Short "N" Course (Navy List Oct 1943)

HMCS HESPELER - Appointed to Hespeler 21 Feb 1944 as a Lt (n), RCNVR (Navy List Feb 1944) (See note 1).  Commissioning crew 28 Feb 1944.

* Appointment Terminated - Demobilized 22 Jan 1946 as a Lt, RCN(R) (Navy List Apr 1946)

* Retired list - as a Lt, RCN(R) (seniority 13 Apr 1943) (Navy List Apr 1946)

HMCS PREVOST (Retired List) - as a LCdr, RCN(R) (Seniority 13 Apr 1952) (Navy List Jul 1952). Last noted in the Navy List for Jan 1960 as a LCdr, RCN(R) at HMCS Prevost.

Note 1: (n) denotes an Officer who has qualified for Navigation Officer in a ship, an Officer borne for Navigation Duties - qualified in Canada


Robert S. Neilson

Tot servers and Bos'n's Call from HMCS Hespeler

Courtesy of John Neilson

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Robert Neilson's headstone in the Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Perth Co., ON.

Source: Find-a-Grave



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