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Archibald Percival Strong


Petty Officer II, RN


Petty Officer Director Layer, RNCVR, RCN


Born: 25 Mar 1873, Wargrave, England


Died: 05 Oct 1953


STRONG, Archibald Percival - Archie Strong joined the RN as a boy seaman, volunteering on 05 May 1888 for a period of 12 years. His engagement expired on 27 Oct 1908 and he was discharged as a PO II.  He immigrated to Canada and joined the RNCVR (O.N. VR-5009) and then later transferred to the RCN (O.N. 20526)


Ships served in:



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(1-2) Certificate of Service - Royal Navy for Archie Strong  (3) Portrait of PO Strong, Director Layer, while in the RNCVR or RCN  (4) PO Archie Strong (left) and Bill Newton.  Note RNCVR cap tally on Bill Newton  (5) Issued winter / sea coat and pants  (6) Date stamped inside of the pants


Note:  It is believed (but not confirmed) that Bill Newton in photo #4 is William Newton - born 14 Jul 1878 who served in the RNCVR and RCN (info from the RCN Ledger Sheets)


PO Archibald Strong with his wife and two daughters - date and place unknown

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Unknown event - PO Archie Strong 2nd to the left of the young lad in the white sailor uniform on the right of the photo

On officer on the first step, to the right of the young lad in the centre, appears to be Admiral Kingsmill

Flag Lieutenant behind Admiral Kingmill appears to be Lt Percy Nelles


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The Admiral told a story - The Ward Room approved it - The Gun Room adorned it - The Petty Officers Mess expanded it -

The Lower Deck elaborated it - The Marines swallowed it


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On the Starboard Tack - by Lawson Wood



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