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John Saunders Pulley


Able Seaman, 2225, RCN


Born: 20 May 1909, Montreal, Quebec


Died: 30 Nov 1933, Halifax, Nova Scotia


AB Pulley died in the RCN Hospital in Halifax from Aplastic anemia.   He was buried at sea from HMCS SAGUENAY on 04 Dec 1933.


Ships served in:



Burial at Sea for Able Seaman John Pulley









(SAG003-SAG004) Casket with the body of AB John Pulley with guard by the stern gun of HMCS SAGUENAY D79

(SAG005) Engines stopped - lower the ship's ensign - committal party assembled on lee side of quarter deck - committal service commences

(SAG006) The body of AB John Pulley is readied for committal to the deep

(SAG007) Casket sliding from "committal board" to sea from under ship's ensign. "Caps off" by crew. " Lord God, by the power of your Word you stilled the chaos of the primeval seas, you made the raging waters of the Flood subside, and you calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee. As we commit the earthly remains of our brother John Pulley to the deep, grant him peace and tranquility until that day when John and all who believe in you will be raised to the glory of new life promised in the waters of baptism. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen"

(SAG008) A wreath is laid on the ocean grave of AB John Pulley

(SAG009) Newspaper article on the burial at sea of AB John Pulley from the Montreal Gazette, 05 Dec 1933

From the collections of Herbert Edward Dowling, RCN & James A. Senior, RCN

Courtesy of Bill Cummins and Bob Senior





(JS19-JS20) Newspaper article on a motor vehicle accident in which John Pulley (left) and James Senior (right) were passengers.  Webmaster's note: While the article has John's surname as Pully, it has been confirmed with the Library and Archives of Canada that the correct spelling of his surname is Pulley.

From the collection of James Senior, A/Wt (E), RCN



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