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Nathaniel (Nathan) Pond


Royal Navy Reserve (Newfoundland)


Leading Seaman, RCN


Born: 02 Feb 1893, Badger Quay, Newfoundland


Died: 14 Jan 1927, New York, NY, USA


POND, Nathaniel (Nathan) - was born on February 2, 1893 to John and Sarah Pond at Badger Quay, Bonavista Bay. He was raised and remained there until he enlisted with the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve on November 1911.


He travelled overseas in November 1914 and assigned to HMS PEMPBROKE. Shortly after, he was transferred to SS Amsterdam where he spent 16 months before receiving word of his transfer to the VICTORIOUS III.


Nathan received furlough and returned home to Newfoundland. After his leave expired he was assigned to the Royal Canadian Navy. He was drafted to Drifter CD 14 while serving at the HMCS NIOBE and the HMCS GUELPH. He received orders of his demobilization on April 4, 1919.


He returned home and married the widow of Seaman Eldred Gosse of Queen's Cove, Eliza Jane Butt. Seaman Gosse had lost his life while attempting to return home on the ill-fated HMS LAURENTIC on Jan 25, 1916.


After their marriage, they moved to New York during August, 1921, where he became a foreman rigger. According to Alan G. Benson, who wrote Nathan obituary, he was only appointed to this job for a few days, when he climbed to the second story of a 2 million dollar building, lost his balance and feel backwards on a ladder that he was climbing on December 15, 1926. His legs had caught in the rungs of the ladder breaking his thigh bone and spinal cord. He died of his injuries on January 14, 1927.


Ships served in:

* Loaned to the RCN 24 Nov 1917

CD-14 - Served in CD-14 24 Nov 1917 - 17 May 1918

HMCS NIOBE (Depot Ship Halifax) - Served in Niobe 18 May 1918 - 18 Jul 1918

HMCS GUELPH (Patrols Depot) - Served in Guelph 19 Jul 1918 - 30 Nov 1918

HMCS NIOBE (Depot Ship Halifax) - Served in Niobe 01 Dec 1918 - 20 Dec 1918

* returned to the RN 21 Dec 1918




Research Credit:  Lester Green, Southwest Arm Historical Society



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