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Isaac John (Ike) Soper


Royal Naval Reserve (Newfoundland)


Leading Seaman, RCN


Born: 18 Dec 1886, Little Heart's Ease, Newfoundland


Died: 1970, Newfoundland


SOPER, Isaac John - was born in December 18, 1886 to Edward and Elizabeth (Benson) of Old Shop, Trinity Bay. Edward moved his family to House Cove, an abandon community near Little Heart's Ease sometime around 1891 before finally settling at Northwest Brook.


Naval records indicate that Seaman Isaac John Soper first enlisted with the Royal Naval Reserve during December 1910 at the age of 24. He spent the next four years serving during the winter months, completing a total of 112 days of training.


With the declaration of war in 1914, he reported to HMS CALYPSO and sailed overseas with the first contingent of Naval Reservist in November 1914 on board the SS Franconia. He was deployed to HMS CORNWALLIS and served in the Dardanelles campaign. His ship was sunk by a torpedo fired by U-32 in 1917. He survived and was rescued. He was granted furlough in January 1917 and returned home to HMS BRITON.


After his return from leave he was assigned to the Q-ship PINTA, a schooner designed to lure U-boats to the surface, and spent 2 months at sea.


His next deployment saw him assigned to the Royal Canadian Navy where he served the next 13 months aboard the depot ship NIOBE.


He returned home to his wife Beatrice Hudson who had married in 1917 while on leave. They had several children but Beatrice lost her life in childbirth in 1933.


He continued raising his family and passed away in 1970. He is buried next to his wife at the old United Church Cemetery at Northwest Brook.


Ships served in:

* Loaned to the RCN 23 Nov 1917

HMCS NIOBE (Depot Ship Halifax) - Served in Niobe 23 Nov 1917 - 25 Dec 1918

* Returned to the RN 26 Dec 1918




Research Credit:  Lester Green, Southwest Arm Historical Society



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