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Percy Walter Nelles, C.B.


Admiral, RCN


Born: 07 Jan 1892, Brantford, Ontario


Died: 13 Jun 1951, Victoria, British Columbia


Ships served in:

*appointed as a Naval Cadet RN (seniority 01 Aug 1908) (The Nauticapedia)

CGS CANADA (Fisheries Protection Cruiser) - Served in CGS CANADA. Appointed Cadet (CGS) 1909 (The Nauticapedia)

* Appointed as a Midshipman (Canadian Naval Force) (seniority 21 Oct 1910)

HMCS NIOBE - Appointed to NIOBE as a Midshipman, CNF 21 Oct 1910) (extracts from Royal Navy List 1911)

HMS DREADNOUGHT - Served in DREADNOUGHT for training (The Nauticapedia)

HMS SUFFOLK - Served in SUFFOLK in 1913  (The Nauticapedia)

* Appointed Lt (seniority 14 Jul 1914) (Navy List Nov 1914)

* Lent to Royal Navy (Navy List Jan 1916)

HMS ANTRIM - Served in ANTRIM in 1916  (The Nauticapedia)

NSHQ OTTAWA (HMCS NIOBE (Depot ship) for) - Appointed NIOBE as add'l for NAVAL SERVICE HEADQUARTERS OTTAWA 17 Apr 1917 as a Lt, RCN, Add'l  for NSHQ as Flag Lieutenant to Director of the Naval Service (Admiral Kingsmill) (Navy List Jun 1918 - Oct 1919)

NSHQ OTTAWA (HMCS GUELPH for) Appointed to GUELPH as add'l for NAVAL SERVICE HEADQUARTERS OTTAWA 17 Apr 1917 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Jul 1920)

ROYAL NAVAL COLLEGE GREENWICH - Appointed to RCN GREENWICH 15 Sep 1920 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Nov 1920) on the Intelligence Course (The Nauticapedia)

NSHQ OTTAWA (HMCS GUELPH for) Appointed to GUELPH as add'l for Naval Service HEADQUARTERS OTTAWA, District Intelligence Officer 01 Jan 1921 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Oct 1921).  Appointed LCdr, RCN (seniority 14 Jul 1922) (Navy List Dec 1922)

HMS CALEDON - Appointed to CALEDON 04 Apr 1923 as a LCdr, RCN (Navy List Sep 1923)

HMS PRESIDENT - Appointed to PRESIDENT 16 Apr 1924 as a LCdr, RCN (Navy List Jul 1925) for Royal Naval Staff Course (The Nauticapedia)

* Appointed Cdr, RCN (seniority 01 Dec 1925) (Navy List Feb 1926)

HMCS NADEN (Depot Ship) - Appointed to NADEN and as S.N.O. ESQUIMALT 01 Dec 1925 as a Cdr, RCN (Navy List Feb 1926)

HMCS PRESIDENT - Appointed to PRESIDENT 22 Jul 1929 as a Cdr, RCN (Navy List Nov 1929) for Senior Officer's Technical Course (The Nauticapedia)

HMS DRAGON - Appointed to DRAGON 15 Nov 1929 as a Cdr, RCN (Navy List Jul 1930). Served in DRAGON as Commanding Officer in 1930 (The Nauticapedia)

HMCS SAGUENAY - 1st Commanding Officer.  Appointed to SAGUENAY 22 May 1931 as a Cdr, RCN, Commanding Officer (Navy List Jul 1931)

HMCS STADACONA (Motor Vessel) - Appointed to STADACONA 07 Jun 1932 as Commanding Officer and as Commander-in-Charge, Halifax (Navy List Jul 1932)

* Appointed Captain, RCN (seniority 01 Jan 1933)

IMPERIAL DEFENCE COLLEGE - Appointed to IDC for course 1933 as a Captain, RCN (seniority 01 Jan 1933) (Navy List Jan 1933)

NHQ OTTAWA (HMCS STADACONA for) - Appointed to STADACONA, add'l for NAVAL HEADQUARTERS OTTAWA, Acting Chief of Naval Staff 01 Jan 1934 as a Capt, RCN (Navy List Jan 1934).  Appointed Commodore 1st Class (seniority 01 Jul 1934) (Navy List Sep 1934).  Appointed Chief of Naval Staff (Navy List Jun 1935). Appointed RAdm (seniority 04 Aug 1938 (Navy List Oct 1938). Appointed Vice-Admiral (seniority 19 Nov 1941) (Navy List Jan 1942)

HMCS NIOBE - Appointed to NIOBE as Senior Canadian Flag Officer, Overseas 15 Jan 1944 as a VAdm, RCN  (Navy List Feb 1944).  Appointed Head of Canadian Naval Mission Overseas (Navy List Jul 1944)  Appointed  Head of Canadian Naval Mission Overseas and Senior Canadian Flag Officer Overseas (Navy List Sep 1944)

* Retired List 06 Jan 1945 as VAdm, RCN (Navy List Mar 1945)

* Appointed Admiral on the Retired List (promoted from the Captain's List) (seniority 07 Jan 1945) (Navy List Mar 1945)


Note:  He received the Legion of Merit ""For the exceptionally meritorious services to the Government of the United States from 1940 to 1944. As Chief of the Naval Staff, Royal Canadian Navy, Admiral Nelles was untiring in his efforts to strengthen the ties of friendship and co-operation between Canada and the United States; to prepare the Royal Canadian Navy for immediate co-operation with the United States Navy in the event that the United States should abruptly enter the war; and, after December 7, 1941, to establish and plan the co-operation between the two Navies which resulted in final victory." (Source: The Nauticapedia)





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