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Frederick Harland Faulkner


A/Chief Skipper, RCNR


Died: date of passing unknown


Frederick  Faulkner served in the RNCVR during the First World War. After the war he transferred to the RCNR and was appointed A/Skipper.

Ships served in:

CD-13 - Appointed to CD-13 on 19 Mar 1917 as Mate, RNCVR

CD-13 - Appointed to CD-13 on 01 May 1918 as a Mate, RNCVR (Navy List Jul 1918)

TR-11 - Appointed to TR-11 04 Jul 1918 as a Mate, RNCVR, CO (Navy List Aug 1918-Oct 1918)

HMCS NIOBE (Depot Ship Halifax) - Appointed to Niobe 01 Feb 1919 as a Mate, RNCVR, Add'l (Navy List Apr 1919)

* Last noted in the Navy List for April 1919 as a Mate, RCNVR

* Not listed in the Navy Lists between Apr 1919 and Feb 1929

* Listed in the RCNR as a Skipper, RCNR (seniority 13 Nov 1924) (Navy List Feb 1929)

* Called up for Duty - 08 Sep 1939 as an A/Ch Skipper, RCNR (Navy List Oct 1939)

* Transferred to the RCAF (Navy List Mar 1940)

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