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Hugh Hathaway Turnbull


Lieutenant, O-74380, RCN(R)


Died: 25 Jul 1986, Saint John, New Brunswick


One night during a violent storm while HMCS BATTLEFORD was dropping depth charges, Hugh Turnbull, a junior officer at the time, was washed overboard. As he was tossed from the ship, he was able to grab onto the ensign and hold on which allowed the crew to grab him and pull him to safety. He asked the commanding officer at the time if he could have the ensign and it was given to him.


The flag that saved Hugh Turnbull was donated to the Naval Museum of Manitoba at HMCS CHIPPAWA by his granddaughter.


Ships served in:

* Listed as a Prob. SLt, RCNVR (Navy List Mar 1943)

HMCS KINGS - Appointed to KINGS 15 Feb 1943 as a SLt, RCNVR (seniority 15 Feb 1943) (Navy List Aug 1943)

HMCS BATTLEFORD - Appointed to BATTLEFORD  26 Jun 1943 as a SLt, RCNVR (Navy List Oct 1943).  Appointed Lt, RCNVR (seniority 15 Feb 1944) (Navy List May 1944).  Appointed Commanding Officer 08 May 1944 as a Lt, RCNVR.  Served as CO until 19 Jun 1944 (Macpherson-Burgess - Ship's of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981).  Appointed X.O. (Navy List Sep 1944)

*Appointment Terminated (Resignation Accepted) 21 Feb 1945 (Navy List Mar 1945)

* Retired List as a Lt, RCN(R) (seniority 15 Feb 1944) (Navy List Oct 1946)

HMCS DONNACONA (Retired List) as a Lt, RCN(R) (Navy List Jul 1952).  Last noted on the Retired List at HMCS DONNACONA as a Lt, RCN(R) (Navy List Jan 1960)



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