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John Walsh


Submarine Detector, RCNVR


John Walsh was born in Arthur, Ontario. He left school to join the RCNVR during the Second World War on 04 Jun 1944. He completed basic training at HMCS PREVOST in London Ontario and on-water training at Port Stanley.  He then went to HMCS CORNWALLIS for further training and then to HMCS STADACONA in Halifax to take a Submarine Detector (ASDIC) course.  After course completion, John was drafted to the minesweeper HMCS WALLACEBURG J336. The WALLACEBURG was on convoy duty in the North Atlantic until the end of the war. Following discharge on 22 Dec 1945, he attended Toronto University, graduating in Pharmacy in 1952. He practiced pharmacy in Arthur for the next 62 years. John was awarded the 1939-45 Star, the Atlantic Star and the War Medal 1939-45.  In 2002, he received the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal. He has been a member of the Arthur Legion Branch 226 for 25 years.





(JW01) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (JW02) SD John Walsh painting ship on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (JW03) John Walsh on HMCS WALLACEBURG with the ship's mascot



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