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William Irvin Brown


Stoker 1st Class A4212, RCNR


Born: 19 Nov 1916, Toronto, York Co., Ontario


Died: 10 Sep 1941 at sea


Book of Remembrance


BROWN, William Irvin, Sto 1c, A4212, RNCR, MPK - 10 Sep 1941, HMCS CHAMBLY - Son of William Albert and Mirmie Brown; husband of Florence Brown, all of Toronto, ON.


William Brown was born 19 Nov 1916, at Toronto, Ont. He enlisted on 20 Jan 1941. On 10 Sep 1941, HMCS CHAMBLY and HMCS MOOSE JAW attacked U-501. U-501 surfaced and the crews opened the sea valves and abandoned ship. An eight man boarding party boarded the sub and, knowing that she was sinking, entered the sub in an effort to get equipment and documents that might result in saving lives but nothing of value was found. The boarding party abandoned the sub, but Stoker Brown did not make it off: his body was never recovered. He married Florence May MacNeill on 13 Apr 1940. He was survived by his wife and one child, Gail Marion, 270 Sumach St., Toronto, Ont.


Ships served in:

TORONTO DIVISION RCNVR - Enlisted 20 Jan 1941. Commenced Active Service 21 Jan 1941

HMCS CHAMBLY - Drafted to CHAMBLY 25 Apr 1941 as a Sto 1c, RCNVR





(WB01-WB02) Certificate of Service - pages 1 and 2  (WB03) Report of Death



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