They made the Ultimate Sacrifice


Guy Dillabough


Leading Stoker (M), V27588, RCNVR


Born: 21 Jun 1911, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Died: 07 Sep 1942 at sea


Book of Remembrance


DILLABOUGH, Guy, L/Sto (M), V27588, RCNVR, MPK - 07 Sep 1942, HMCS RACCOON - Son of Patience Dillabough, of Windsor, Ontario and Simon Lorenzo Dillabough (1863-1929). Father of Jaqueline Ann Dillabough. After Guy's death, Jaqueline Ann was adopted by Guy's sister, Mrs. Ruth Harland, who had been caring for her.


L/Sto Dillabough died when his ship, HMCS RACCOON, which was on convoy escort in the St. Lawrence River off the Gaspé Peninsula, was hit and sunk by two torpedoes from U165. All 37 hands were lost.


Note: the (M) for L/Sto (M) indicates he passed the Auxiliary Machinery Watchkeeping course for Stoker Ratings.


Ships served in:

TORONTO DIVISION RCNVR - Enlisted / Commenced Active Service 19 Jul 1941 as a Sto 1c (M), RCNVR

* Rated A/L/Sto (M) 20 Jul 1941

HMCS STADACONA - Drafted to STADACONA 07 Aug 1941 as an A/L/Sto (M), RCNVR

M.T.E. PICTOU - Drafted to M.T.E. PICTOU 08 Nov 1941 as an A/L/Sto (M), RNCVR

HMCS STADACONA - Drafted to STADACONA 03 Feb 1942 as an A/L/Sto (M), RCNVR

HMCS RACCOON - Drafted to RACCOON 06 Feb 1942 as an A/L/Sto (M), RCNVR






(GD01) Portrait of L/Sto Guy Dillabough

(GD02) Certificate of Service - pages 1 and 2

(GD03) Casualty report

(GD04) Letter to L/Sto Dillabough's sister



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