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Philip Cabell Evans, M.I.D.


Lieutenant-Commander, O-22620, RCNR


Born: 13 Feb 1910, Missoula, Missoula Co., Montana, USA


Died: 05 Mar 1973, Westchester Co., New York, USA


Served in the RCNR 10 Jun 1941 - 13 Mar 1946


EVANS, Philip Cabell - Prior to joining the RCNR in World War II, Philip (Phil) Evans was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy (1926-1930) and served with the U.S. Navy from 1930 to 1937. He reached the rank of Lieutenant (JG) prior to resigning his commission. During his service in the USN he served in the USS NEVADA, USS NORTHAMPTON, USS DUPONT and USS SCHNECK.


After his USN service he worked in the Washington, DC area. His father had been a Congressman and his brother had an Engineering firm there. He registered for the US Draft in 1940 before coming to Canada to volunteer here.


He continued to live in Canada and work here as well as in the United States until the mid-1950’s. During part of this period, he was a surveyor for the CPR. He returned to Montana and worked at the Montana Power Company in 1954.


He is buried in the Missoula City Cemetery, Montana, USA.



Citation for Mentioned in Despatches:


EVANS, Philip Cabell, Acting Lieutenant-Commander, Mention in Despatches, RCNR, HMCS TRILLIUM - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 10 June 1944 and London Gazette of 8 June 1944


“For consistently good service for a period of over two years as Commanding Officer of one of His Majesty’s Canadian corvettes engaged in convoy escort duties in the North Atlantic. This officer has at all times, under very trying circumstances at sea, displayed initiative, efficiency and a high devotion to duty. He has worked hard to develop new ideas and methods and has always conducted himself with courage and ability in numerous combats with enemy submarines.”


Ships served in:

HMCS ST CROIX - Appointed to ST CROIX 04 Aug 1941 as a Lt (E), RCNR

HMCS TRILLIUM - Served in TRILLIUM as the 4th CO - 26 Feb 1942 - 24 Mar 1943 and the 6th CO 18 Apr 1943 - 21 May 1944

HMCS LEVIS - Served in LEVIS as 1st and also as the final CO.


Lt Philip Evans

RCN photo M-1110

LCdr Philip Evans with AB Terry O'Trillium

RCN photo M-537

Caption for photo of LCdr Evans and AB O'Trillium - "The first signatory of the guest book at the second anniversary party of the Seagoing Officer’s Club, St. John’s, Newfoundland, was AB Terry O’Trillium, mascot of the corvette HMCS TRILLIUM. She went along to the party with her commanding officer, bearded Lt. Cdr. Phil Evans, R.C.N.R. of Washington, D.C., and was the only lady present at the epic gathering."



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