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Corinne Marylyn Hansen (née Smith)




Died: 22 Aug 2019


HANSEN, Corinne Marylyn (née Smith) - Peacefully passed away in her sleep on the morning of August 22, 2019. At 97 years old, she had led a long and fulfilling life. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Corinne joined the navy in 1942. Stationed in Prince Rupert, BC, she met her future husband, Ali H. Hansen. While the courting process continued, Corinne launched into a career in interior decorating. Even after retiring to have her family, Corinne's passion and innate sense of style kept her involved. Family and friends always sought Corinne's obvious flair with home interiors. It didn't hurt that Corinne never lacked for an opinion. Ali and Corinne married after the war, moved to Niagara Falls and started their family. Once she had three children in four years the family moved to Port Dalhousie/St. Catharines, where they built the house of their dreams. Outgoing and gregarious, Corinne became involved in a local fund raising organization, The May Court Clubs of Canada, ultimately rising to head the organization. Disciplined, tough, opinionated, Corinne was very capable of barking orders, which she did right to the end. On occasion, one of her opinions was expressed a little too harshly. Yet, the next second she could win over whomever felt the brunt of her comments with a smile and a flash of her charm. She left a wake, always entertaining whether planned or not. She was stoic, yet determined to have fun in life. She reveled in her extended family, particularly with the family Christmas trips. Bypassing western medicine as best she could her entire life, Corinne said many times, she didn't want to know what terrible diseases she might have had. Ali Hansen passed away of a stroke in 2002 at 84. Suddenly, Corinne found herself alone, yet quickly created a new life. For years she was an avid tennis player and played hard until her 80's. Woe the opponent who underestimated her ability. Her boundless energy kept her active, whether seeing friends, hosting family vacations or playing a mean game of bridge. When it came to champagne, she had no equal. One year ago at 96, she was the life of the party, dancing to the "bitter end" at one of her grandson's wedding. Corinne had but one wish at the end, to die in her own house in her own bed. At 97, thanks to some amazing caregivers and friends, her wish came true. Her sister, Donna Plant, her three children, Jay Hansen, Eve Gordon and Lea Hansen, her eight grandchildren and her four great-grandchildren live on. (The Globe and Mail 30 Aug 2019)



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