Flags and Pennants of the RCN


(not the ones the Signalmen / Nav Comms use for daily work)


This page is dedicated to the somewhat officially unofficial flags and pennants that are used on ship for various occasions - such as the Cock of the Walk or the Moose is Loose.  If you have any photos of these unusual pennants and / or the story behind them, please email them to info@forposteritysake.ca



Battle Flag - The battle flag was the creation of the crew of HMCS COWICHAN 162 and was flown during a "Sweep Exercise" with 4 American Minesweepers in 1962.

"Cock of the Walk" - Flown by ships of the RCN when they are winner, as in a regatta, sports meet, or combination of these or other events. The winning ship hoists it at her yardarm.  It is a common practice, if the winning ship has won every single event as well, to hoist a broom at her masthead commemorating a clean sweep of the seas in the manner of the Dutch admiral Tromp.


This version of the flag was flown by HMCS STANDARD COASTER in Oct 1943 when she was leading in donations for the 5th Victory Loan Drive during the Second World War. 

The "Moose is Loose" flag - While the look of the flag varies from ship to ship its meaning is clear to all sailors.  It is most commonly flown on ships of the RCN when in port during a NATO deployment to invite the crew of the other NATO ships over for Moose Milk.  This version of the flag was flown on HMCS HALIFAX


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