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Over the winter of 2015-16, HMCS ST JOHN'S above Warfare Water Officer petitioned the ship's company for submissions of gun shield art. The design selected was drawn by SLt E.J.S. Anglin, coloured by Lt(N) J.C. Olivier, and transferred to the 57mm gun over the course of several weeks in June. Lt(N) Olivier, a skilled painter and artist in his everyday life, used marine-grade oil based paint and with the help of SLt Anglin and SLt Kowalski, transferred the iconic lion, ramparts and black rock of St. John's to the back of the gun (Source: HMCS ST JOHN'S facebook page - 19 Jul 2016)





A couple mess deck doors on HMCS ST JOHN'S


Webmaster's note Sep 2020 - I've recently been advised that during work-ups, Sea Training Staff advised the CO that the mess deck door paintings did not present a level of professionalism expected of the crew.  It seems that the doors were painted over - with the exception of the "Ladies of 6 Mess" which was removed and presented to the Crow's Nest in St. John's, NFLD.  My personal feelings is that Sea Training did not help improve crew moral with their assessment on this.




When HMCS ST JOHN'S visited her namesake port early this summer she was sporting brand new gunshield art on her forward gun. Earlier in the spring a design contest was held among the shipís company. The winning design was painted on just hours before St. Johnís came through the Narrows. The accompany- ing picture was taken while the smell of paint was still in the air. St. Johnís has promised us a regulation two feet by two feet version for the Nest. Fredericton and Halifax have also promised artwork. Letís see which will be the first on the wall. The race is on! (Source: The Scuttlebutt Crow's Nest Officers' Club newsletter - Aug 2008)




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