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Hospital Ship Araguaya

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From the collection of William D. Johnston, L/Sto, RNCVR

Courtesy of William Johnston


HMHS ARAGUAYA - HMHS ARAGUAYA was commissioned as a hospital ship by the British Admiralty on 2 May 1917. She made one trip to Canada, in June 1917, with a Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) unit on board. Returning to England she sighted a German submarine north of Ireland. Upon arrival at Liverpool in September 1917, she was transferred to Canadian operational control and the CAMC staff previously on LETITIA took over the hospital. ARAGUAYA made nine voyages as a Canadian hospital ship before her commission was revoked on the recommendation of the British Admiralty.


HMAT ARAGUAYA - HMHS LLANDOVERY CASTLE was the 13th allied hospital ship lost due to enemy activity. As a result, most Allied hospital ships had their commissions revoked and were painted troop ship grey. They travelled in a convoy whenever possible. Their titles were changed to His Majesty’s Ambulance Transport (HMAT). After the change to ambulance transports only one ship was lost to enemy activity. HMAT ARAGUAYA made 11 voyages as an ambulance transport. Due to damage from the Halifax Explosion on 6 December 1917 and the volume of returning troops from February, 1919, the ambulance transports landed their patients at Portland, Maine.