Town Class Destroyer (RN)


Caldwell Class (USN)





Laid Down: 07 May 1918, Bath, Maine, USA

Launched: 29 May 1919

Commissioned: 12 Jun 1919

Decommissioned: 22 Jun 1922

Re-commissioned: 01 May 1930

Decommissioned 09 Apr 1937

Commissioned in the RN: 09 Sep 1940 as HMS CALDWELL

Paid off: 01 Dec 1944


This page is not meant to be a comprehensive history of HMS CALDWELL, but a record of sailors of the ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY who served in her, photos they took and stories they may have shared with their families.


USS Hale (DD 133) arrived Halifax 6 September 1940 and decommissioned 3 days later. Entering the Royal Navy, she became HMS Caldwell During her career in the British Navy, Caldwell was assigned to escort duty in the Atlantic and later in the Caribbean, as Britain tried desperately to cope with the German U-boat menace. She joined the Royal Canadian Navy in mid-1942, and while returning to St. John's, Newfoundland, 18 December 1942, was seriously damaged during a heavy gale. She became disabled, and was found drifting helplessly by Wanderer 21 December. Caldwell was then towed to St. John's and later to Boston. Ready for sea again in May 1943, the ship resumed convoy duty with the Royal Canadian Navy until 1 December, when she returned to Tyne and was placed in reserve. Caldwell was broken up for scrap in September 1944.



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Mitchell, George T.