Ottawa Half-Company RCNVR


Ottawa Division RCNVR



Ottawa, Ontario






With these arms

we shall conquer

HMCS Carleton at the Dow's Lake site, early 1960s


Photo above- centre:  The large building, No. 1, contained ship's offices, cabins for the CO, XO and other senior officers, wardroom (large vertical windows on second deck), seamen's mess (below decks) and wrens' mess on the third deck. The large drill deck was immediately to the rear and one can see the recruiting office at the extreme right of the photo.


HMCS Carleton was stood up on 21 Mar 1923 as the Ottawa Half-Company, RCNVR. When was was declared in 1939 she was known as the Ottawa Division RCNVR and during the war saw to the training of 4,620 officers and men. On 01 Nov 1941 she was commissioned as HMCS Carleton (tender to HMCS Bytown) and was paid off a short time later on 21 May 1941 and amalgamated with HMCS Bytown. On 23 Nov 1942 she was stood up again as a separate unit and re-commissioned as HMCS Carleton .


In the winter of 2007-08, the drill deck roof was damaged by heavy snow accumulation and a decision was taken not to repair but to demolish the main building and Bldg. 3.  The new building at 79 Prince of Wales Drive was re-dedicated 21 Nov 2015.



Commanding Officers


A/SLt Robert Shipley, RCNVR - 21 Mar 1923 - unk



Photos and Documents




(PM01) HMCS Carleton, Dow's Lake site  /  Courtesy of Peter Magwood

(PM02) HMCS Carleton - Ship's Bell dated 1941  //  Courtesy of Peter Magwood






A few of the attendees at the manning ship ceremony for the new HMCS Carleton building

(PM03) Cover of Manning Ship Ceremony schedule of events

(PM04) Capt(N) Robert B. Duncombe, CD, Retired, Commanding Officer, HMCS Carleton, early 1970s; unknown; Lt Arvisais, from the early 1960s; SLt Glenn Carroll and LCdr Glen Calder

(PM05) SLt Glenn Carrroll, LCdr Calder, Mrs. Lynn Carroll (Glenn's spouse), Lt Arvisais, unknown, SLt Andy Shaw (a former Ottawa Rough Rider), unknown, and Lt. Bill Jennings (an Ottawa lawyer)

(PM06) Mrs Lynn Carroll, SLt Glenn Carroll, SLt Andy Shaw, unknown

Courtesy of Peter Magwood






(CRL001) Article on Navy Week at HMCS CARLETON 03-09 May 1964  //  Mentioned in the article:  PO.BD Peter Akeson; BD Bernard Guibert and Drum Major Brett Morrison  //  Courtesy of Mark Akeson

(CRL002) HMCS Carleton Band At Opening Centennial Park At Northport  //  Picton Gazette 21 Jul 1967  //  Researched by / Courtesy of  John Lyons 2016

(CRL003) HMCS Carleton, 79 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, ON  //  Photographer: MS Victor Wong