Fishermen's Reserve Vessel




Feb 2022

Dave Tyre 2022


Acquired by RCN: 1942

Fate: Sold in 1946 to private / commercial interests. Still in use as of 2022


Built in 1929 by Nakadea Bull Works, Stevenson, BC. In 1929-1935 she was owned by Ryotara Kita, Vancouver BC. In 1936-1941 she was owned by Nanaimo Shipyard Ltd., Nanaimo BC. At the start of the Second World War she was seized from Japanese owners for service with the Royal Canadian Navy. In 1942-1946 she was appraised at $11,250 with her ownership transferred to His Majesty the King and commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy Fishermen's Reserve as HMCS MERRY CHASE - Canadian Naval Patrol Vessel, Fishermen's Reserve/Calibration Vessel. Sold in 1946 she was owned by Canadian Fishing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1947-1966 she was owned by Antony Kirincich, Vancouver BC. In 1967. She was owned by William Lasko, Steveston BC. In 1968-1976 she was owned by Roy A. Clarke, Ladner BC. In 1977 she was owned by Tony Boroevich, Surrey BC. In 1978-1980 she was owned by Ivan J. Uljevic, Richmond BC. In 1982-2004 she was owned by Adria Trading Co. Ltd., Richmond BC. In 2011-2014 she was owned by West Wind Charter Ltd., New Westminster BC. (Source: Nauticapedia)


The Merry Chase is still in service and was photographed in Feb 2022.



Commanding Officers


Cox'n Donald Wesley Peck (FR), RCNR - 04 Jun 1942 - unk


Cox'n Harold Bunn (FR), RCNR - 25 Jul 1942 - unk


SLt Arthur Edward Higgs, RCNVR - 10 Feb 1944 - unk



Former Crew Members


Skibo, Mereon, Cox'n, RCNR - 27 Jan 1944