Fishermen's Reserve Vessel



Private yacht Moresby III (former Fishermen's Reserve Vessel MORESBY III)

Courtesy of Norm Johnson


Built: 1926 

Requisitioned: Apr 1942: 

Fate: Sold in 1944. Still in use as of 2016 as a private yacht.




Built in 1926 by A.W. LePage, Vancouver, BC, she was owned by Ryo Tarrokita. She was requisitioned by the Crown in Apr 1942 (with ownership transferred to the Crown in Sep 1942). Moresby II was was used as a vessel of the Fishermen's Reserve. In Mar 1944, with the Fishermen's Reserved being disbanded, she was sold to M.W. Spring of Victoria, B.C. and later Fred Joliff of Alert Bay, BC. After the war, Moresby had fished all over BC and in Alaska’s Kodiak Island. While originally a seiner, she had been used variously as a shrimper, halibut long liner, rock cod fisher and in its last piscatorial adventure, a mother ship in the Geoduck industry. In 2008 she was purchased by Norm Johnson who had her extensively modernized and reconditioned for use as a private yacht.



Commanding Officers


Cox'n Angus Theodore Thodeson, FR, RCNR - 29 Jun 1942 - unk


Cox'n Cyril Gardiner, RCNR - 18 Mar 1943 - unk


SLt Wilfred Leroy Secord, RCNVR - 15 May 1944 - unk



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