Bird Class Patrol Boat





Battle honours and awards:  Quebec  1759,   Minorca  1798,   China  1856, 1959



Launched: 15 May 1956

Commissioned: 16 Jul 1956

Paid off: 23 May 1963

Fate: Sold. Final disposition unknown


Built in 1956 by Midland Boat Works, Midland, Ont., CORMORANT was launched on 15 May 1956. The Navy turned Loon, Mallard, and CORMORANT over to the Crown Assets Disposal Corporation in the 1960s. Some priests of some description bought CORMORANT and outfitted her as a floating mission boat for Central America complete with a dental chair. They did not appear to have much knowledge of the sea or seamanship but managed to get CORMORANT out Halifax Harbour and down as far as the Eastern United States. The United States Coast Guard terminated their voyage there before they killed themselves, and CORMORANT has not been heard from since. Her specifications on completion were: Displacement: 66 tons, Length: 92 Ft, Beam: 17 ft, Draught: 5.3 ft, Speed: 14 kts, Complement: 2 officers, 19 men, Armament: 1-20 mm, hedgehog.



Photos and Documents



Commanding Officers


LCdr Kenneth Reeves Crombie, RCN - 16 Jul 1956 - Sep 1956

CPO M. Keeler, RCN - Sep 1956 - Nov 1958

CPO1 Edward Albert Rigby, Bosn, RCN - Nov 1958 - Aug 1960

CPO J.M. Armitage, RCN - Aug 1960 - Jun 1963

Lt (N) Kelly - Summer 1966

Lt Peter J. Stow, RCN - 1968



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


 Pearson, Don



Photos and Documents



The Launching of HMCS CORMORANT 781


Source: Huronia Museum website

The Launching of HMCS CORMORANT 781


Source: "Midland and Area - Portraits of the Past" facebook page


From the collection of Betty Ann Bell



Source: Nation's Navy: In Quest of Canadian Naval Identity - Google Books

De-commissioning of HMCS MALLARD 783 and HMCS CORMORANT 781 at RCNAS Shearwater jetty