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Launched: 15 Sep 1917

Commissioned: 22 Jun 1918

Paid off: 12 Aug 1919

Re-commissioned: 25 Jun 1940

Paid off: 07 Dec 1943

Fate: Unknown


Built at Montreal, GIVENCHY was commissioned there on 22 Jun 1918. She was named for the Battle of Givenchy that took place on 15-16 June 1915. On 30 Jun 1918, GIVENCHY was listed as a patrol vessel. She was paid off on 12 Aug 1919 at Esquimalt. She then entered the service of the Department of Marine and Fisheries as a fishery protection vessel, but was returned to the RCN on 15 Apr 1939. Though her principal function was that of accommodation ship (notably to the Fishermen's Reserve), she was actually in commission from 25 Jun 1940 to 07 Dec 1943 as accommodation vessel, Fishermen's Reserve. Remained in Esquimalt as a depot ship / hulk Jul 1944-17 Oct 1945. Sold on 19 Sep 1946, GIVENCHY is thought to have been broken up in the U.S. in 1953.



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Commanding Officers


Lt Ronald Jackson, RCN(R) - 1940 - unk



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     




died - 22 Mar 1943



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Andrews, Alfred J.

Band, John T.

Bell, Daniel

Bell, Walter E.

Boehler, Stanley W.

Booth, Harold H.

Boughton, Benjamin

Brown, Arnold F.

Brown, Bruce L.

Brown, Wilfred L.

Byrne, John E.

Callard, John E.B.

Campbell, Alexander H

Coates, Daryl L.

Cowe, James W.

Crang, William R.N.

Crossley, Sidney R.

Cummings, William G.

Daniels, Michael G.

Demers, Roger

Dumont, Joseph E.

Eldridge, Richard

Elliott, Glen L.

Fee, James P.

Fee, Roland A.B.

Ford, Douglas J.

Fricke, Laurence

Gauthier, Joseph A.R.R.

Gillard, George L.

Guild, John Middleton


Drafted to GIVENCHY 30 Jun 1918 as Mate, RNCVR

Hedstrom, Arnold D.

Henricksen, Christian J.

Hinchcliffe, Cecil I.

Hodgkin, William P.

Hurtubise, Albert J.

Jackson, Ronald

Jacques, Joseph C.

Jeannotte, Reynold J.

Jenkinson, John W.

Jenson, Gerald K.

Jewett, George S.

Juggins, William C.

Kelsey, Lorne S.

Kenny, John N.

King, Kalmon K.J.

Koruna, William

Kuzenko, Harry W.

Lancaster, Gerald

Lawrence Frank W.

Lawrence, James

Lawrence, Thomas E.

Leitch, Dugald

Lewis, Joseph

MacDougall, Elton W.

MacFayden, Edward A.

Mann, Dennis H.

Marshall, Harry S.

Matthews, Harold E.

Matthews, James R.

Meadmore, William J.

Mennell, W. Reginald

Meyn, Paul F.

Molyard, John M.

Mooney, John L.

Morrison, William S.E.

Motley, David C.

Osborne, Albert A

Park, William R.

Pearson, Robert E.

Phillips, Caswell I.

Phillips, Robert R.

Rolland, Joseph W.

Schiller, John V.

Scougal, Gordon J.

Sellon, Murray G.

Stewart, Donald William


Drafted to GIVENCHY 30 Jun 1918 as Ch/Skpr, RCN

Stewart, Kenneth A.

Stuart, George E.

Tarasoff, Frederick

Thrasher, Mack P.

Thompson, Herbert A.

Thomson, Woodburn S.

Walsh, Thomas H.

Warren, Gordon Bauer


Drafted to GIVENCHY 27 Jun 1918 as Mate, RNCVR

Whitehouse, Eric

Wilson, James A.







Former Crew Members


Anderson, Charles, AB, Torpedoman, RCNVR


Laroche, Albert George, Surg/LCdr, RCN, SMO - 26 Jun 1941


Secord, Geoffrey VanCortlandt, SLt, RCNVR



Photos and Documents


Article on HMCS THIEPVAL, HMCS GIVENCHY, HMCS ARMENTIERES and HMCS STADACONA transiting from Halifax to Esquimalt.  THIEPVAL arrived safely in Esquimalt, while ARMENTIERES and GIVENCHY had to escort / tow STADACONA to San Francisco after she lost her rudder in a storm


The Daily Colonist, Victoria, BC, Saturday 24 May 1919


Courtesy of Dwight Farrell 

Telegram to P/O Mendal Outhouse V44243 on HMCS GIVENCHY announcing the birth of his daughter - 15 Jul 1944

Courtesy of Trudy Lake-Mullins


Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum



DND / RCN photo