Then Honduran Whale-Catcher OLYMPIC VICTOR (1950)

Then Japanese Vessel OTORI MARU No. 12 (1956)

Then Japanese Vessel KYO MARU No. 25 (1962)

HMCS Mimico K485

Source: Ministry of Defence Foxhill Collection of Ship Photographs FL 5458


Laid down: 22 February 1943

Launched: 11 October 1943

Transferred to RCN: 1943

Commissioned: 8 February 1944

Paid off: 18 July 1945

Fate: Unknown


Named after a town now part of Toronto, Mimico was laid down as HMS Bulrush but was transferred to the RCN and commissioned on February 8, 1944 at Sunderland, U.K. On April 18, after working up at Stornoway, she arrived at Oban, Scotland, where she was assigned to Western Approaches Command for escort duty in connection with the invasion. She arrived off the Normandy beaches with a convoy on the day after D-Day. She remained on escort duty in the Channel, assigned briefly in September to Portsmouth Command and, in October, to Nore Command, based at Sheerness. In February and March, 1945, she refitted at Chatham, then returned to Sheerness and resumed her previous role until late in May, when she left the U.K. for the last time. She was paid off on July 18, 1945, and laid up at Sorel. Sold for use as a whale-killer, she entered service in 1950 as Olympic Victor but passed into Japanese hands in 1956 and was renamed Otori Maru No. 12. She was last noted in Lloyd's Register for 1962-63. (Source: The Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981 by Ken Macpherson & John Burgess)

Originally launched as HMS Bulrush, she was transferred to the RCN before completion.  After the war, Mimico was sold to civilian service and became Honduran Olympic Victor 1950, Japanese Otori Maru No. 12 1956, Kyo Maru No.25 1962-1978.


Commanding Officers

Lt F.J. Jones, RCNVR  08 Feb 44 - 02 Oct 44

Lt G.F. Crosby, RCNVR  -  03 Oct 44 - 20 Nov 44

Lt F.J. Jones, RCNVR  -  21 Nov 44 - 25 Jan 45

LCdr W.R. Stacey, RCNR  -  26 Jan 45 - 01 Feb 45

Lt M.W. Knowles, RCNVR  -  02 Feb 45 - 14 Feb 45

A/LCdr J.B. Elmsley, RCNVR  -  15 Feb 45 - 18 Jul 45



Kenneth Wilson Colbert


Raymond George Richardson


Robert Keith Thompson


Harry Turner






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