Hydrofoil Bras d'Or flying level and roaring westwards along the Menai Strait

Source: SARO Hydrofoil Bras d'Or website


Laid down: 

Launched: 22 May 1957

Commissioned: 26 Jun 1957

Renamed: 1962

Paid off: 1973

Fate: stored Museum ship at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa


Bras d'Or (R-103) was a small experimental hydrofoil built for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) during the 1950s. It led to the development of HMCS Bras d'Or (FHE 400) in the late 1960s. Built by Saunders-Roe from either a Saunder-Roe motor boat or Vosper PT boat hull, the Bras d'Or was built based on the prototype R-101 in service with the Royal Navy. Launched in 1957, it underwent trials off Wales in May 1957 and arrived in Canada in July 1957 Acquired by the Royal Canadian Navy, it was never commissioned as a warship. Bras d'Or (R-103) was renamed Baddeck in 1962 as the name "Bras d'Or" was to be provided to HMCS Bras d'Or (FHE 400). Baddeck retired from the Canadian Forces in 1973 and later acquired by the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ontario. Baddeck remains in storage with her three foils detached and stored separately.


Correction to the information from Wikipedia submitted by Dave Mills -  Wikipedia and others are wrong as they state is was a converted Saunders-Roe or Vosper MTB hull. It's a one-off all aluminium hull that tapers down to a very narrow transom of extremely robust construction to carry the rear steering foil. About the only resemblance to an MTB hull could be the style of the bows, but that's about it. She was definitely a unique design. The Griffon engines has to sit in line to fit due to the narrowness of the hull amidships.



SARO Hydrofoil Bras d'Or - a very comprehensive website on the hydrofoil Bras d'Or / Baddeck



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The hydrofoil Bras d'Or (later renamed Baddeck)

Source: SARO Hydrofoil Bras d'Or website


The hydrofoil Baddeck (former hydrofoil Bras d'Or)

Source: SARO Hydrofoil Bras d'Or website