Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship (D.E.M.S)



S.S. Queens Park


Completed: 02 Jun 1944

Fate: Scrapped in situ, near Port Okhra, India after 1958.


The Queens Park was built by West Coast Ship Builders in Vancouver, BC, for the British Government merchant fleet and was completed on 02 June 1944. After the war (in 1946) she was purchased by the Seaboard Owners Ltd, Vancouver and her name was changed to Seaboard Queen. In 1950 she was sold to Cia Maritima del Este, Panama and renamed Queen. In 1950 she was again sold to Cia Maritima de Navegacion Conval, Panama. In 1960 she was sold again to Andros (the same owner) and renamed Nimos. In 1962 she was in collision and sank in shallow water at Constantza but was refloated. In 1964 she was sold to Marconcepto Cia Nav., Monrovia and renamed Mount Othrys. On 11 June 1958 she was stranded near Port Okhra, India on a voyage to Aqaba - Kandia, scrapped in situ.



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Poehnell, Fidel A.