Calgary Half-Company, RCNVR


Calgary Division RCNVR



Calgary, Alberta



In pace bellum para


In Peace Prepare

For War

HMCS TECUMSEH, Calgary, Alberta


TECUMSEH was first established as the Calgary Half-Company, RCNVR on 31 Mar 1923. On 01 Nov 1941, the division was commissioned as HMCS TECUMSEH - after the Shawnee chief who served with the British and Canadian military force in the war of 1812.  In 1943 the division moved to its present location on 17 Avenue SW, Calgary. During WWII over 4,500 personnel enlisted at TECUMSEH, including Lt Robert Hampton Gray,the ony person in the RCN to be awarded the Victoria Cross. TECUMSEH suffered a major fire in 1981 and has since been rebuilt and is a modern training facility. In addition to the Naval Reserves, TECUMSEH houses 746 Comm Squadron (a reserve unit), Royal Canadian Arm Cadet Corps Signals, RCSCC Undaunted, the Navy League of Canada Cadet Corps Captain Jackson, and the Naval Museum of Alberta.



Commanding Officers


Lt Raymond Hinton, RCNVR - 01 Apr 1923 - unknown



Photos and Documents


HMCS TECUMSEH Ship's Company - Sep 1938



HMCS TECUMSEH - Officers - 1946

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From the collection of Hugh Hamilton

Courtesy of Rick Hamilton


(5) Lt Hugh Hamilton



On 03 May 1981, HMCS TECUMSEH was mostly destroyed by fire. Despite the damage, the Battle of the Atlantic parade was held on the site approximately one week later. Subsequently, TECUMSEH personnel reconnected power and phone lines so that the unit could continue in B Block and what little was left of A Block.

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