TR 19


Minesweeping Trawler




Source: Michael McFadyen's Scuba Diving Website


Completed: 25 Aug 1918

Paid off: 07 Jan 1919

Acquired by RAN:  03 Sep 1939

Commissioned: 06 Oct 1939

Paid off: 29 Oct 1945

Fate: returned to previous owners in 1945. Ran aground on 29 May 1955.


Completed on 25 Aug 1918, she was paid off on 07 Jan 1919. She was sold in 1920 and renamed Almeria 1920; then Goolgwai 1926. Acquired by the RAN in 1939, she was commissioned as HMAS Goolgwai. Paid off in 1945, she was returned to her pre-wartime owners. On 29 May 1955 she was approaching Sydney in heavy seas with 400 boxes onboard ran into thick fog and stranded on rocks at Boora Point, 10 miles south of Sydney Head, NSW. On 06 Jun 1955 the ship broke up and washed westward. All crew rescued but ship’s dog drowned.



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