TR 27


Minesweeping Trawler




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Completed: 22 May 1918

Paid off: 

Sold: 1920 to French Navy, Commissioned as Galopin

Captured: 1940 by German Forces

Commissioned in German Navy: November 1940 as M4403

Fate: Scuttled by gunfire, 23 Aug 1944


Built by Canadian Vickers, Montreal, Que, she was completed on 22 May 1918. Her specification on completion were: Displacement: 275 tons, Length: 125 ft, Beam: 23.5 ft, Draught: 13.5 ft, Speed: 10 kts, Armament: 1-12pdr. TR 27 was sold to the French Navy in 1920 and renamed GALOPIN. She was captured by the Germans in 1940 and commissioned in the Kreigsmarine as M-4403 in Nov 1940. On 23 Aug 1944 she was scuttled off the coast of France.



Commanding Officers


Skpr (Temp) Obed Chut Giffin, RCN - 22 May 1918 - unk



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Giffin, Obed Chut


Drafted to TR 27 on 26 Apr 1918 as Skpr, RCN, Stand by / 22 May 18 as Skpr, RCN, CO