TR 35


Minesweeping Trawler



TR 35 ready for launching at Lauzon, Quebec.  circa 1918

TR 36 on the port side of TR 35


Completed: 05 Jun 1918 

Paid off: 

Fate: Sold to Mexico in 1920. Stricken in 1949. Final disposition unknown


Built by David Shipbuilding & Repairing Co. Ltd., Lauzon, Que., she was completed on 05 Jun 1917. Her specifications were: Displacement: 275 tons, Length: 125 ft, Beam: 23.5 ft, Draught: 13.5 ft, Speed: 10 kts, Armament: 1-12pdr. TR 35 was sold to Mexico in 1920 and renamed Tampico. She was re-classed as a patrol boat and remained in service until stricken from the Mexican navy records in 1949.



Commanding Officers


Ch/Skpr Stanley Allison Hutchinson, RCN - 05 Jun 1918 - unk



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Hutchinson, Stanley Allison


Commanding Officer

05 Jun 1918

Thrower, Charles Edgar


Drafted to TR 35 on 27 Jun 1918 as Mate, RNCVR






Photos and Documents


The launching of TR 35, Lauzon, Quebec, circa 1918

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Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell