TR 52


Minesweeping Trawler



French Naval Ship MARIE-MAD

Source: Hommage aux 24 marins du drageur Marie-Mad


Completed: 1918

Paid off: 1919

Transferred to USN: 1919

Returned to RCN: Aug 1919

Sold: 1919

Acquired by French Navy: 1939

Commissioned in to French Navy: 1939

Fate: Sunk 23 Nov 1943


TR 52 was completed in 1918 and paid off in 1919. Transferred briefly to the USN in 1919 as CT52, she was returned to the RCN in Aug 1919. Sold the same year, she was renamed Marie-Mad. Acquired by the French Navy, she was commissioned as MARIE-MAD AD148 in 1939. On 23 Nov 1943, the "CHASSEUR 3" was trying to raise MARIE-MAD by radio. Between 1900 and 2000, the crew of "le CHASSEUR 3" heard a loud explosion. The MARIE-MAD hit a mine and sank with her crew of 24, including the commandant, le Premier maître Le Goff, bewtween Sette-Nav and Porticcio.



Hommage aux 24 marins du drageur Marie-Mad