TR 55


Minesweeping Trawler




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Completed: 08 Nov 1918

Paid off: 1919

Transferred to USN: 25 Jul 1919

Returned to RCN: Aug 1919

Sold: 1920

Acquired by Norwegian Navy: 1939

Commissioned: Sep 1939

Captured: 1940 by German forces

Commissioned in German Navy: Jun 1940

Fate: Surrendered in 1945 and returned to pre-war owners. Sold for scrap in 1960.


TR 55 was completed on 08 Nov 1918 and paid off in 1919. Briefly transferred to the USN as CT55, she was returned in Aug 1919. She was sold to Pecheries & Arm, La Rochelle-Ocean, La Rochelle, Fr. in 1920 and renamed Marie Jacqueline. In Apr 1935 she was sold to Arne Flekstad & O. Aarseth, Oslo, Norway. In Sep 1935 she was sold to A/S Troms Havfiskeselskap (O. Aarseth), Tromso, Norway and renamed Svalbard 2. In Apr 1936 she was purchased by A/S Tramoso Bunkerdepot (Odd Berg), Tromso, Norway. In Aug 1938 she was sold to A.S Norland Havfiske (Erling Sannes). In Sep 1939 she was requisitioned by the Norwegian Navy and commissioned as HNoMS SCORPION. On 27 Jun 1940 she was captured by German forces in Norway and on 08 Aug 1940 commissioned in the Kreigsmarine as NN02 Scorpion. NN02 surrendered in Jun 1945 and was returned to her previous owners in 1946 and renamed Svalbard 2 once again. In Jan 1956 she was sold to A/S Transfport, Stavanger and renamed Baxel. She was sold in 1960 to Brodrene Hafthammer & A/S Transport, Stavanger and in May 1961 to Overtatt Av Hans Hufthammer P/R, Stavanger. In Jun 1966 she was condemned and sold for scrap.