TR 56


Minesweeping Trawler



Romanita (black hull) - date unknown

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Completed: Nov 1918

Paid off: 1919

Transferred to USN: 1919

Returned to RCN: Aug 1919

Fate: Sold in 1921. Final disposition unknown


TR 56 was completed in Nov 1918 and paid off in1919. Transferred briefly to the USN as CT56, she was returned to the RCN in Aug 1919. In 1921 she was sold and renamed Romanita.


TR 56 was acquired in 1921 by South Puerto Rico Sugar Company (or an outfit related to said company), renamed Romanita, and used to carry sugar cane from fields in the Dominican Republic to their mill in Central Guanica in the south of Puerto Rico. (The Central Guanica Sugar Mill ceased operation in 1982.) On the return trips to the Dominican Republic, Romanita carried Puerto Ricans migrating to Dominican Republic where South Puerto Rico Sugar Company was building another sugar mill named Central Romana. The Central Romana Sugar Mill is still in operation (as of 2018).