TR 59


Minesweeping Trawler




No photo available



Completed: Nov 1918

Paid off: 1919

Transferred to USN: 1919

Commissioned in the USN: 1919

Returned to RCN: August 1919

Sold: 1920

Captured: 1940 by German Forces

Commissioned in Kreigsmarine: Jul 1942

Fate: Surrendered: 1945 and later sold. Final disposition unknown


TR 59 was completed in Nov 1919 and paid off in 1919. Transferred briefly to the USN as CT59 in 1919, she was returned to the RCN in Aug 1919. Sold in 1920, she was renamed Gironde I. Gironde I was captured in France by German forces in 1940. She was commissioned in the Kreigsmarine as FB-07 in Jul 1942. She was later renamed/re-designated V-1517 and M-3854. M-3854 surrendered in May 1945. She was sold after the war.