Norton Class Tugboat



Tug Aveiro (former ALBERTON)


Entered Service: 1944

Removed from Service: 1946/47

Fate: Broken up in 2008.


Built by Dominion Engineering Works Ltd., Lachine, QC, she was delivered to the RCN as ALBERTON (W48). In 1947 she was sold to the National Navigation Company, Sarl, Lisbon; re-named AVEIRO LX-11-RC and was employed in the port support service. In 2002 she was purchased by Fluvial and Coastal Shipping, Rui da Cruz and Julio de Cruz, Lda. In 2004 she was laid up and in 2005 transferred to Scrap recycling SA, Alhos Vedros.  In 2008 she was broken up.



Former Crew Members


Armstrong, Jack, Tel (alive and well in 2022)


Chaisson, Paul Emile, Skpr, RCNR - 16 Apr 1945


McCabe, John Joseph


Reynolds, Burton Cooke, Skpr, RCNR - 18 Apr 1945



Photos and Documents


Silver platter, part of a serving set, presented to Mrs. Stanley Cossey on the occasion of the naming and launching of the tug Alberton


Courtesy of Leigh Cossey


Click here to see a photo of the tray after polishing

Tug Aveiro painted in the colours of her new owners Fluvial and Coastal Shipping - 2002


Courtesy of Leigh Cossey



While I was on ALBERTON, we spent about 6 months removing mines and other explosives and steel nets that had been installed around the harbour entrances and other strategic locations to protect against German u-boat attacks. An easy job after corvette duty, radio operation was my only job and I wasn't that busy, so I had much more of a social life with the crew on the Alberton. The extra time also meant more photos.








(JA08-JA09) Crew photos of HMCS ALBERTON

(JA10-JA11) Sailors on HMCS ALBERTON

(JA12) L-R: Jack, Frank, Woody & Dinny onboard HMCS ALBERTON







(JA13) Mess deck on HMCS ALBERTON. Jack sitting in the centre

(JA14) Mess deck on HMCS ALBERTON. Dinny in Hammock, Frank (rear, center), Woody (right)

(JA15) Mess deck on HMCS ALBERTON. Dinny in Hammock, Wood (right), Jack (centre).  I (Jack) was his best man at Woody's wedding in Toronto. It was a Syrian wedding that went on for days!

(JA16) Unknown sailor up the mast on HMCS ALBERTON

(JA17) Ships alongside seen from HMCS ALBERTON.  HMCS SAULT STE MARIE J334 in the upper left corner of the photo


From the collection of John (Jack) Armstrong, Tel, RCNVR


Courtesy of Bob Gregory