MARYSVILLE Z62 / YTS 585 / YTS 594


Ville Class Tugboat



MARYSVILLE  (bottom right) at Prince Rupert Port Days 1947, Rose Point BC

Photo by John R. Wrathall Photo Finishing

Courtesy of Prince Rupert Archives


Laid Down: 15 Dec 1943

Delivered to the RCN: 20 Jan 1944 

Sank: 03 May 1944 - Raised next day and later repaired.

Fate: Sold in 1976. Final disposition is unknown


Built by Russel Brother's Ltd, Owen Sound, Ont., MARYSVILLE was delivered by CN rail to Vancouver to serve on the West coast. MARYSVILLE sank on 03 May 1944 after she struck a rock near Prince Rupert, BC. She was re-floated the next day and sent to Prince Rupert for refit. After the war, MARYSVILLE continued service as a CNA.