Ville Class Tugboat



Tug Brockton II (former SHAWVILLE) in Vancouver c1966

Photographer Rene Beauchamp

Source: Russell Brothers Ltd website


Built: 1944 

Removed from service: 1946

Fate: Derelict vessel at Bella Coola, BC, 2018


Built by Russel Brother's Ltd, Owen Sound, Ont., SHAWVILLE was delivered to the RCN in 1944. Paid off after the war she was transferred to the National Harbour Board in Ottawa in 1947. In 1948 she was re-named Brockton II. In 1987 she was transferred to the Vancouver Port Corporation and in 1993 she was sold for private use.  On 12 Oct 2018 she was photographed near Bella Coola, BC - a derelict vessel, half submerged.



Photos and Documents


Tug Brockton II (former SHAWVILLE) derelict - Bella Coola, BC

Photos taken 12 Oct 2018

Photographer: Leigh Cossey

Leigh Cossey 2018