St Class Tugboat




Source: A History of the West Coast Canadian Forces Auxiliary Fleet


Launched: 17 Feb 1957

Entered service: 22 Feb 1957

Placed in reserve: 08 May 1958

Returned to Service:

Removed from service: 30 Jul 1995

Fate: Sold on 12 Nov 1996. Final disposition unknown


Launched on 17 Feb 1957, ST ANTHONY was named in honour of Father Anthony Daniel, A Jesuit missionary who was killed in 1648 by a "shower of arrows launched by native Iroquois warriors." Constructed as an ocean-going tug, this class as chosen specifically to be able to manoeuvre Canada's aircraft carriers in harbour. This class of tug has extraordinary range - designed to be able to cross the Atlantic and tow a vessel back to Halifax on one load of fuel. ST ANTHONY was transferred from Halifax to Esquimalt in January 1958 where she was initially used for she was used for seismic studies in April of that year. Due to design flaws she was placed in reserve on 08 May 1958, though later brought back into service on a temporary basis until the 1970s where she was continually in service towing gunnery targets for the navy to seagoing rescues. A victim to cutbacks in the mid-1990s, she was removed from service on 30 Jul 1995. Declared surplus on 18 Jan 1996,she was sold on 12 Nov 1996 to private interests.



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Wiggs, W.R.







Former Crew Members


Johnson, Gerald