YFM 314


YFP 314  /  YAG 314  (CARIBOU)






Delivered to RCN: 

Transferred to RCAF: 1960

Returned to RCN: 1978

Removed from Service: 2007

Fate: Sold in 2011. Final disposition unknown


YFM 314 was one of 10 auxiliary craft built for the west coast navy between 1953 and 1955. Built for use as a blue boat, the majority of these crafted were used for general purposes such as liberty boats, stores and equipment lighters, etc.  Re-designated as YFPs in 1960, YFP 314 was transferred to the RCAF in 1960 and renamed Nimpkish II M.975. She was used as a personnel transport at RCAF Radar Station, Holbert, BC till 1978. Returned to the navy, she was re-designated a YAG and along with her sisters, she was used for seamanship and navigational training for the regular and reserve forces until removed from service in approximately 2007. Sold in 2011 to private interests.