Officer Classification Identification in the Royal Canadian Navy



The use of distinguishing colour to denote an officer classification in the Royal Canadian Navy had its beginnings during the Second World War. In dress blues, the various colours were placed between each ring of lace worn on the sleeves of Officers. Ranks which had only one ring such as Sub-lieutenants, and Commodores, the colour was worn beneath the ring indicating the rank.


In addition to shoulder boards worn on the jacket when in khakis, the rank was also displayed on the shirt collar points in the form of small brass pins that were miniature replicas of the sleeve rank insignia. The following are examples of the collar badges as worn by a Lieutenant.


The use of these distinguishing colours to identify an officers' classification in the Royal Canadian Navy was phased out around 1960.


Researched by / Courtesy of Ed Paquette



Executive Branch (Black)

Engineering Branch (Purple)

Electrical Branch (Dark Green)


Medical Branch (Red)

Wardmaster (Maroon)

Supply Branch (White)


Special Branch (Light Green)

Constructor Branch (Grey)

Instructor Branch (Light Blue)


Ordinance Branch (Dark Blue)

Civil Engineer (Terra Cota)