The Annie Campbell Photo Collection



The photos on this page are from the First World War and have been sent to Annie Campbell from a number of different people though the majority are from Reg Stevens, an officer who serve in the RNCVR during the First World War. The collection, which is held by the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County, is also available through Flickr at:


My thanks to the Community Archives of Belleville and Hasting County for allowing the photos to be shared on For Posterity's Sake


Where possible - names were compared to entries in the Canadian Navy List to find given names.


Not all the photos are Navy related.



Back of postcard sent by Reg Stevens to Annie Campbell



On the back of this photo is written "Halifax thirty seconds after the explosion.  R.G.S.


Webmaster's Note:  Research by Joel Zemel, author of two books on the Halifax Explosion, shows that this photo appears to be a composite photo with the blast cloud coming from another photo by Victor Magus - and thus likely not an actual photo taken of the Halifax Explosion.


Click here to read an in-depth review / analysis of the photo by author Joel Zemel starting on page 9 of the Winter 2021 issue of the Argonauta



Naval Funeral Halifax

Some mates out for a sail



Officers on HMCS ACADIA


Mates: Duncan, Chanlder, Dresser, Foulds, Bushwah (?sp), Stevens, Ashbourne


Lts: Wood and Maude



Officers names according to the Dec 1917 and Jan 1918 Navy List


Lt Herbert H. De La Wood, RCNVR and Lt George Maude, RCNVR


W. Op 3c Walter C.C. Duncan, RCNVR;  Mate William R. Chandler, RNCVR;  Mate James S. Dresser, RNCVR; Mate Frank Bertram Foulds;  Reginald Garnet Stevens;  Mate Elmo L. Ashbourne.


Bushwah is likely Mate Clarence P. Bourgois who served in Acadia at the same time as Reg Stevens


Click here for more info on HMCS ACADIA




Paul Domville, Mate, RNCVR

Reginald G. Stevens



Petty Officer William James Pace - 1917


Petty Officer William James Pace




Naval Wireless Telegraph School, Ottawa - May 1918



Mates:  John Day Irwin (possibly);  Paul C.K, Domville;  Reginald G. Stevens;  John Matthews Kerr

Mates  Emile Plante, Paul Domville, William Ellise Meldrum



Mate Reg Stevens, RNCVR



Mates on HMCS ALGERINE, West Coast - Jan 1918


Front: (1) Ashbourne, Elmo Linfield (2) Dresser, James Sherwood (3) Finch-Noyes, Grenville Roy (4) Amies, Benjamin George (5) Haddon, Gerald P. (Act) Staff Paymaster  (6) Robinson, Bertram D. (7) Mead, Frank C.C. (8) Leavens, Harry C. (9) Hood, Thomas


Rear: (10) Protheroe, Rupert W.B (11); Shephard, Francis Herbert (12) Scott, Harold H. (13) Plante, Emile (14) Stevens, Reginald Garnet (15) Cuthbertson, George A.  (16) Sheppard, Charles Cecil (17) Foulds, Frank Bertram (18) Moore, John R. (19) Earl, Edward Lawrence



There are two captions with this photo.  One says "Keith Petepiece at Exhibition Grounds Ottawa" and the other says "Jim Petipiece Ottawa Exhibition Grounds"

Standing: Ted Lazier, Ted Wallbridge

Sitting: George Walcher, Jim Parm

13 Feb 1919



The 15th Highlanders (48th) in Germany early 1919


2nd caption:  15th Platoon #4 Coy,  15th Canadian Battalion,  B.E.F. Germany.  I have the odd belt on. Will write soon Annie. Signed Gordon





The return of Cull-umbus in the Aerial Age"

"...these officers are to be thanked and sent home..."


There are 5 names associated with this cartoon. They appear to be (L-R) Cull, Norrington, Fowler, Stewart, Barrs

Col Cull V.C., Major Torringer, Major Stewart, Major Fowler